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Survey & Marking Supplies 

                                               "ULTRA" FLAGGING/SURVEYING TAPE (PVC)
                                                 Ultra Glo Colors (Part Number 16001)
                                                 Ultra Standard Colors (Part Number 16002)
                                                 Ultra Stripes/Dots (Part Number 16002-S/D)







Aervoe's lead free marking paint is used on wood, concrete, asphalt, brick, and gravel. Available in the following colors:
207 - White
222 - Fluorescent Orange
224 - Fluorescent Green
226 - Fluorescent Yellow
227 - Fluorescent Blue
229 - Fluorescent Pink








                                     Polycarbonate Prisms
                                     Complete your measuring system with a versatile polycarbonate prism that can withstand shock                                                             better and weigh less than prisms in metal cans.

                                      Pictured 7266-48: Economy Prism Assembly w/ target and bayonet base











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Gammon Reels

8124-48: (pictured) 12 ft. Black & Orange

8124-50: 7 ft.  


Leather Scabbards

Extra-heavy stitched and riveted pocket.


Plumb Bobs

Screw caps and hardened steel points with standard threads. Storage space for extra point inside cap.


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